Thursday, August 16, 2012

Accept & Change, Thanks Anne


"sometimes its not about 'trying' its about accepting & changing :)"
That’s the exact quote that she gave to me,
I’m on the committing level,
and I really need a good advice about relationship.
To be frank past few days is the worst
Every night there must be something to argue about
but I think it’s good because at least
me and my fiancee didn’t keep anything from each other.

back to de story,
satu hari ni, tengah2 sedap layan lagu
Coldplay – Fix You,
tetibe rase nak tweet lirik lagu tu
then, aku tweet lah “could it be worse?”
then, my friend reply tweet tu.
dia cakap try harder
*panjang lg tp malas nak cerita.
after that perbualan pasal ni pon mula
until dia bg aq ayat yg kat atas tu,
Mula2 aq x amek serius sgt pasal aq tweet tu pon aq atas motor lagi,
then bila aq baca balik and fikir balik,
aq sedar yg ape yg dia cakap tu ade betolnye.
then malam semalam aq try ape yg dia cakap,
and guess what?
no more argument.
just accept and change.

So, sebab kan nasihat ni, post ni I buat khas untok you.
thanks anne.
K la
chow chin chow.

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