Monday, November 28, 2011


Salam, hi,

Baru seminggu aq ngan dye berjaohan
Masalah mula datang,
aq pon x tao,
mungkin ni mmg nasib aq,
atau disebabkan oleh aq!
papepon otak aq da xley nk trime lg dah.

I hope I can be just like Barney Stinson,
But now I'm just like Marshall Erikson, 
I just hope I wouldn't end up being Theodore Mosby.
Found "The One" after hundreds of tries.

It's nice to have relationship like Barney and Robin,
But now I'm committed like Marshall and Lily,
Or maybe into Ted's steps I should try to sway,
And let Universe show it's way.

aq bebetol x tao skunk ney..

k la.
chau chin chau

p/s : Aq telebih tengok "How I Met Your Mother" recently!! SORY!

Da Bace????? Ape lagi Roda Jerit Da Ad... Jerit laaaa.... You follow me i follow you.. ok?????

1 comment:

  1. masalah ?? hehehe . don't think about it too much laa syg . when i said i'll put trust on you , then i will and i already put it . don't worry . i love you everyday everytime every minute every second and always ! miss you dear !